Thermal Labels

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Blank & Thermal Labels

Browse our online catalog below for the Blank Labels and Thermal Labels that we have in stock and ready to ship today!

Need a different size? Please contact us for additional stock items and custom blank labels.

  • Sheeted Laser Labels
  • Thermal Transfer Labels
  • Thermal Transfer Ribbon
  • Direct Thermal Labels
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  • Custom Sizes Available

Available Products

Label SizeLabel TypeColorOrder NumberLabels Per RollRolls Per CaseLabels Per CasePrice Per Case
1.5 x 1Thermal TransferWhiteTH151-1P5,500844,000$63.00
2 x 2Thermal TransferWhiteTH22-1P3,000824,000$74.00
3 x 5Thermal TransferWhiteTH35-11,25067,500$77.00
4 x 2Thermal TransferWhiteTH42-13,000412,000$65.00
4 x 6Thermal TransferWhiteTH46-11,00044,000$58.00
4 x 10Thermal TransferWhiteTH410-1P60042,400$79.00
Label SizeLabel TypeColorOrder NumberLabels Per RollRolls Per CaseLabels Per CasePrice Per Case
1 x 2Direct ThermalWhiteDT21-1P5,500844,000$99.00
2 x 4Direct ThermalWhiteDT42-1P3,000412,000$89.00
3 x 5Direct ThermalWhiteDT35-1P1,25045,000$69.00
4 x 4Direct ThermalWhiteDT44-1P1,50046,000$84.00
4 x 6Direct ThermalWhiteDT46-1P1,00044,000$69.00
Label SizeLabel TypeColorOrder NumberLabels Per SheetSheets Per PackSheets Per CasePrice Per Case
1 x 2.625Sheeted LaserWhiteAL2581-30302501,000$75.00
2 x 4Sheeted LaserWhiteAL420-10102501,000$75.00
4 x 5Sheeted LaserWhiteAL450-442501,000$75.00
5.5 x 8.5Sheeted LaserWhiteAL8555-222501,000$75.00
8.5 x 11Sheeted LaserWhiteAL8511-112501,000$75.00
Ribbon SizeRibbon TypeColorOrder NumberFeet Per RollPrinter TypeRolls Per CasePrice Per Case
2''Resin Enhanced WaxBlackTTR214761,476Zebra / Sato36$115.00
3''Resin Enhanced WaxBlackTTR314761,476Zebra / Sato24$105.00
3.5''Resin Enhanced WaxBlackTTR3514761,476Zebra / Sato24$135.00
4''Resin Enhanced WaxBlackTTR414761,476Zebra / Sato24$140.00
4.33''Resin Enhanced WaxBlackTTR43314761,476Zebra / Sato24$155.00

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